Friday, October 30, 2009

{Sweet Miss M turns One}

Sweet Miss M... Happy Birthday!
Thanks for coming to see me and sharing those adorable giggles.

Is this not the cutest darn thing?!

LOVE the timeless quality of these last three.

It's so much fun being ONE!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

{Cool Black and White Sibling Session}

Don't cha just love beautiful kids? Not much more to be said here. Diggin the black and white...positive and negative thing. Perfect classic photo that can be blown up or make a great Christmas card, J!!!! Enjoy! Luv, T

{Sibling Sweetness}

So fun to capture some sibling love yesterday. This sibling duo were quite cute to photograph. It's hard to be 3 and have little sister steal the show so he was very cooperative when it came for his solo portraits. Such a kick to see how he tried to hold up three fingers using 2 hands...I loved that! Little Miss O was oh so yummy in her holiday attire. You can hop on over to Hopscotch in Aptos to get some cool kids fashions like hers for the holidays and of course for your holiday photo sessions! My fav or our time has to be the last image of her with the one finger in her mouth. Teething pose I suppose but there is something timeless about it that I think people will look back over the years and agree.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{What a Doll Peeky Peek}

Just a peeky peek of this little 6 month old from today. The series of shots captures her infatuation with dolls. Believe it or not, she was crying just moments before this first picture. Mom thought quick and gave her the doll. Getting to hold and munch on my posing doll made her so happy! More soon of this living doll and her big brother coming up. I've been super busy around here lately...a sibling session and a one year birthday celebration to post in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 26, 2009

{Sweet Light at Sunset}

Caught some sweet light last night at Sunset Beach with one of my best friends and her lovely family. Such handsome kids, P. Hope you like your sneak peek. Looking forward to our walk today. Love you! T

Saturday, October 24, 2009

{All Things Purple]

I'm in much appreciation of all things purple today. Loved the dress! Loved everything! I especially loved the purple painted nails and sweet and so grown up and only 11...can you believe that? She is so lucky to have such a thoughtful and caring aunt who wanted to have some special portraits taken of her niece for the holidays. I think these photos really captured the special bond that they have. Thanks for sharing some of that with me today, ladies. Luv, T

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{Girlie Girl}

This must be the Girlie Girl week! I'm in much need of some feminine power especially when boys rule my household on most days around here. So it has been such a treat to welcome all things pink, frilly and silly! This girlie girl had all that and more. She shared her ballerina moves and a little attitude too! Thank you for sharing your little princess, J. I really loved every minute! luv, T

{Precious Baby Girl}

This precious baby girl just turned 6 months. I'm in love with her beautiful hair. She was so sweet to work with yesterday. I'm so glad she came to see me again. If I have to pick a favorite picture out of our entire session, it just might be this first one. There is something angelic about it and those soft squishy cheeks are so darn cute. Thanks for the special time, Miss E. You are so precious!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

{Vineyard Charm}

I'm back from a much needed vacation. I'm ready to roll with a busy schedule for the next 2 months. What a delight to come home to such sunny weather and great subjects to photograph. I loved this family's idea to take some photos at a family vineyard. The backdrop was almost as beautiful as these smiling munchkins. Such easy going kiddos to work with. I swear, they have been moonlighting for Gap commercials or something! Thanks for letting me spend some more time with your great kids! T