Thursday, January 28, 2010

{Wallet Valentine's}

These are a perfect touch of sweetness for your VDay cards!

Wallet Size Valentine's
$10 for 8 wallet photos
(fonts may vary)
Small mailing fee may apply or pick up can be arranged.
Simply contact me with the design name and image you would like to use from your photo session with me.
(offer good thru February 10th)

Max & Sofie
The Jacksons
Miss M.

{Funny Valentine Winner}

Happy Thursday! Thanks to all those who played along in my small giveaway....the whole 3 of ya! I have to laugh cause it's kind of funny. In fact, the person who won these cute Valentines Wallets is none other than Amanda Agee! She is one lucky girl cause she also won my last giveaway. Congrats, Amanda!!! I will be contacting you soon about your winnings. Hey, it pays to play, right?
Should be posting some other valentine wallet designs for sale here soon for those of you who would like buy some fun stuff to stick in those grandparents valentines cards. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Funny Valentine Giveaway!}

Funny Valentine!
This is one of the cute valentines I'm working on that are meant to be printed on wallet size photo paper. They are $10 for 8. To get us all in the LOVE spirit, I am giving away
16 Free!!!
That's right, you heard me, 16 wallets FREE!
Just leave a comment on my blog today and tomorrow. Only one post her person please :) Winner will determined by using the website. Deadline is Midnight, January 27th. Winner will be announced The morning of the 28th. Winner can use a favorite photo they have a print release for or one I have taken to use as long as it's a jpeg. file. The picture can be customized in the xoxo portion only. Mailing free within the U.S. only.
Have fun!

Monday, January 25, 2010

{New Business Card}

Hope everyone is had a good Monday. Wish my baby was having a better day. He is really sick. I think he has the flu. Had the HINI shot but guess that doesn't cover all strains. Just put him to bed poor thing. Even though I'm a wee bit tired tonight, I managed to post this for you all to preview....
my new business card! See some familiar faces? Thanks to some great friends who's honest and helpful opinions help me design something that is easy to read and highlights my work. Thanks, Hannah! It's perfect! Can't wait to get these printed!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

{9 months of cuteness}

Meet Miss E.
I was delighted to meet up with her again. So cute at 9 months I could hardly stand it! 9 months can be a hard age to photograph. They are in constant motion and not very pose worthy. Even though Miss E had her serious face on for me for most of our session, I think these I snapped off capture her cute true personality. Don't cha just love her toothy grin and wavy brown hair? She is definitely 9 months of cuteness!!!
See you for your 12 month, Miss E.
Can't wait to see what tricks you will be up to then!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

{Miss M turns one!}

This little princess has been coming to me since she was 6 months old. You might remember her as "Bubblicious". In fact, her bubble photo is one of my all time favorites. It can be seen on my opening website page. So much to love about sweet Miss M. Some of my favorites are her dimples and the way she cocks her head to one side when she is really happy. Really one of the easiest babies I have photographed. We had a grand time celebrating with a cupcake and singing songs. Happy Birthday Miss M!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

{T.G.I.F. Family}

I'm a broken record (sorry but you will hear this a lot)... sometimes the BEST photos are theBoldunposed. Moments captured that give pure essence to families. That is what I love, love, love about these pictures. It was chilly that Friday night at the beach but nothing but warmth oozes out of these photos. This was one of the largest family groups I've done and getting 18 people to the beach is no small feat. Jill- you did an amazing job pulling this together! Family photos are so important and really are something you will treasure for years to come. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of your happiness.

Friday, January 15, 2010


His expression says it all!
Our family had a bittersweet week . We had to say goodbye to our beloved pooch, Mickey. More photos here if you care to take a look. Her sweet face is sure going to be missed around here.
So to end my week on such high note it with this fun family, was just what I needed to boost my spirits. More photos to post in a few days. I love to tease!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{Story Boards}

Wonderful Wednesday!
I'm always looking for great new product ideas for my clients. The best compliment I hear is that with so many great images, it's hard to pick just one to frame. That's why I like these story boards. This one is a 5 x 30 mounted on 2mm styrene board. They take up minimal space and no need for bulky picture frames. But really what I like about them is how they tell a story about your child. The silly, sweet, innocent and tender moments we all want to remember. This one is priced at $50 but for returning clients only who order one this month (January), I'm offering them a 20% discount. All you have to do is make an appointment with me and I will help you with the rest.

Friday, January 8, 2010

{New Website!!!!!}

Happy Friday!
I'm really happy with how my logo turned out. Thanks Hannah!
My new website is up and running...YEAH!!!!!!!
I have to work out a few wrinkles but it's pretty much what I had in mind.
To celebrate this moment, I'm offering a discount...2 in fact.
The first one is for the first person who books a newborn session in the month of January. They get 1/2 off the session price. Good for anytime this year. The second discount is to the first person to book a regular studio session for the month of February. They too will get 1/2 off the session price. (Offer Expires January 31st.)
So call or email me or forward this blog post to a friend!
Now hop on over to my new website and take a peek!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{Giveaway Peek}

Last year I gave away a 8 x 10 press printed book to a lucky and well deserving new family. It just came in the mail and I can't wait to show them this!
Now taking appointments for 2010. If you know of someone expecting a lil one in the new year, please forward my blog post. I will offer a special discount to the 1st Newborn session booked in the month of January. Discount will be announced next week with the release of my new website! So stay tuned folks!

Monday, January 4, 2010

{Welcome 2010}

Happy New Year! I'm back from a nice 2 week break. It was nice to spend time with my family and enjoying some down time. Although there are projects to get to in 2010, I was able to do some other hobbies I reading and sleeping!
Still working on my new website but I am preparing to update my old one for new pricing and package info. because I'm not quite ready for the new one to debut. Should be posting that in the next few days. The new website has been fun to put together. It's given me a chance to review all my photos and pick out the ones that highlight my work. It has been a labor of love but I am anxious to get it up and running.
In the mean time, my family has also decided to adopt one of these....a Jack Russell Terrier. We are a month or so away from getting one so we are preparing ourselves for the change of lifestyle these little creatures bring. Our boys have never had a new puppy before. I think they are in for a BIG surprise!