Friday, May 29, 2009

{Sleep Not Baby}

Spent the afternoon with this cute little newborn. You may have remembered his cute yoga mama a few weeks ago?Anyhow, he was my first newborn who did not want to sleep in my sauna heated studio! My guess, is that he didn't want to miss out on all the action. He was pretty much awake thru our 2 hour session. We tried everything to get him to go to sleep so we could get him into some bendable yummy positions but he was having none of it! I was surprised that although I took less than 50 images, so many of them turned out. I did manage to snap off a few with his eyes closed even though he was far from asleep. I have a feeling he will sleep well for mommy and daddy tonight. Sweet dreams little guy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

{Sweet Stuff}

I'll be the first to admit, I enjoy photographing children, especially when it's in their natural surroundings. This family was so nice to let me spend some time with them at their little farm today. After some photos inside, the kids took me around outside and showed me their chickens and adorable goats! I always enjoy listening to them chat about what's important to them. Maybe it's the teacher in me( 6 years of listening to 1st graders.)These articulate kids sure are lucky to have such caring and nurturing parents. They ooze confidence and such a wonderful sense of curiosity. When we wrapped up our shoot, I had a surprise for them (sorry guys about the hard candy...I will bring something healthier next time, okay?) Something I picked up at Disneyland and was waiting for the perfect situation to try out some candid ideas. These images were the last taken and although there were plenty of smiles in earlier pics, I found these to be the most endearing. I loved watching them just enjoy those suckers. It was pure sweet joy....pure SWEET STUFF!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

{Favorite Family}

I'm so glad to have met this lady and her family. Not only is she a true friend in every sense of the word, but she and her family have raised some of the best kids I have been around in a long time. I was delighted to take these photos for them. I was even more excited to use their amazing back yard! Complete with bridge, stream, flowers, trees...what more could a photographer want? Hello! Did I mention that the lighting was amazing!!!!!! Put that together with one of my {favorite families} around=the perfect photo shoot! Just a tease cause their was a TON of good ones. I can't wait to show them the rest!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

{Mickey & Me}

Made the mistake, or maybe it really was a divine act, of watching Marley and Me with my boys last Saturday. I cried and the boys kept hugging our old pooch Mickey just a litte bit more than they normally do. On so many levels, we laughed and did lot's of head nodding. Yep, no doubt, it summed up our life with our beloved {Mickey}. After fifteen years, 3 kids, 3 homes, she's still the sweet pooch that stole our hearts with her caring eyes. Even through her senior moments and smelly breath, we continue to love her and know that some day we will have to make that tough decision. Due to her shy nature (she is really quite camera shy), I have never taken any pics of her. My favorite pet photographer blog is Bark by Erin Vey of Seattle. She has amazing talent for documenting dogs and I absolutely love her detailed black and white images. Her style in the source of my inspiration for these images I've posted. Shot with my 50mm 1.4 lens. Enjoy and don't forget to hug your pooch today!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

{Dodger Fan}

I have a little sign outside my front door which says{We interrupt this family for Baseball}. The game of baseball has been introduced to all my boys since they were old enough to throw a ball. When we moved to Norcal from the Central Valley, I thought for sure our Dodger loyalty would diminish. But my hubby is a LOYAL DODGER FAN(has trained, drilled and converted all our boys to fans) and he wouldn't hear of such a thing especially this year as the head coach of our youngest son's team. The Dodgers were the logical choice but not a whole lot of love here in Giant's and A's Land, I tell you. I've been known to change my hat 3 times in one day. A Dodger fan one minute, a Giants or Ranger fan the next! I have also learned to NOT, under any circumstances, go out in public with my Dodger hat or shirt after the games! I don't enjoy the attention.

As we wrap up the season, I found myself looking at all the baseball pics. I decided to post a few over the next week of all my boys today I'm spotlighting, Tobin's. I have to admit, although my hubby is a Dodger Fan, I have never been a real true fan. I'm usually pretty neutral and just enjoy watching any team play. My hubby had a secret mission this season. I'm pretty sure he has brainwashed all his players into thinking the Dodgers are the best MLB team around! How did he do this? Bubble gum bribes and lot's of fun! I also have to say, that I think this little team is one of the best little league baseball teams around...especially number{11} ;) He's almost cute enough to make me a DODGER FAN! Notice the ALMOST!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've always been pretty good at juggling. Here are some of my most recent acts... Last weeks Rio Elementary Golf tournament pictures were a fun and new venture for me. I was happy to donate my services and hope to do it again next year. F.Y.I.that's my hubby putting. Waiting anxiously to hear from the lucky bidder on my photo session...wonder if it's someone I know? I also did some printing for the dinner/auction/ dance that followed. My good friend Kelly, did a smashing job decorating for the event! I was so happy she asked for a little help with the name tags. Just finishing up these cute vintage hang tags for my new friend, Gayle Ortiz. You may know her for her yummy treats at Gayle's Bakery? Turns out, she is multi talented and makes these amazing sweaters and vests made out of vintage wool sweaters and ribbon. The name of her lil company is called Cool and Collected Check out her cute website for more info. Last weekend was also Mother's Day and I had the chance to unwind in some antique stores in Soquel with my fun mother-inlaw. We found this vintage scale. It's almost 100 years old but I was inspired and had to have it! I snagged it for a real cool price! Keep posted for what I'm gonna do with it in my baby photography. And for my final act...I just sent out a newsletter to all my clients informing them of my May/June Give Away. It's kind of a belated gift for my one year anniversary of doing business as well as a chance to tell everyone about my new photo packages and new services. I'm still taking names for the drawing but you have to leave me your name and a comment on this blog then email me with your email if you are not on my regular email list. The only rules(well mainly) are that you must live in the Santa Cruz County limits. Here is what's up for grabs...(1) A 40 page 8 x 10 press printed book from your next booked photography appointment or (2) $50 gift certificate from any one of my product lines. The lucky winner is to be announced on my blog on JUNE 10th. Now...for a little down time...a nap sounds good... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

{Yoga Mama}

I'm seriously considering taking yoga y'all. After this maternity session, I was inspired! I'm not pregnant and I still don't think I could get into that back bend. WOW! This cute mama is due any day and we were quick to capture some shots before her next baby boy arrives. I wonder if she will be get a darling blue bundle for Mother's Day? Looking forward to meeting him for his newborn pics. Judging by his cute big brother, I'm sure he is gonna be a cutie pie!

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends. I truly have some of the best friends who are fabulous mother's. They continue to inspire me to be a better person and mother. Hope your day is filled with all the things that make you happy!



P.S. love and miss you, Mom. I know you will be home soon. Can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

{Ten Perfect Fingers...Ten Perfect Toes}

This darling newborn came to see me today just before the big SNIP! SNIP! Hopefully, he will take a HUGE nap for his mommy this afternoon. What a day...poor thing. He did real well considering he didn't like his clothes off at all. Walked away with some real cute ones in the end. I always tend to pick some favorite images of my sessions and I think my favorite are the detailed ones of his hands, feet and hair. Ten perfect fingers...ten perfect toes!