Saturday, March 28, 2009

{Fozzy Friend}

My kids flipped out this weekend when my inlaws brought their newest furry friend for a quick visit. {Fozzy}, a 9 month old long hair Jack Russell Terrier, is the cutest darn puppy I've seen in a long time. Our visit with this furry new friend was brief but he won all of our hearts. I snapped up a few pics of him and even enlisted the help of Tobin(my 7 year old) using my NEW 50 mm lens 1.4. This new lens ROCKS!!!!! I've been drooling over it for some time now but finally it's all mine! Some of these photos were taken by Tobin and I think I have a little apprentice at hand. He has a great eye! I loved the one close up of his ear and face. Good job, son! You make a me proud, babe!

Friday, March 20, 2009

{Newborn Sneak Peek}

I {LOVE }what i do!
Had the yummy pleasure of photographing the sweetest {10} day old yesterday. I'm only giving you a glimpse of only piggies today as I'm working on some special announcements for his mommy and daddy and don't want to spoil any of their surprise!
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Happy Day....Happy FRIDAY!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Had the pleasure of working with
{Little Miss Ladybug} a few weeks ago. She wasn't buying into our little session though at first until she was reminded of the ice cream treat that was instore for her. I have to say, it was an easy shoot after that bribe! Did I mention how much I loved her darling ice cream dress and ladybug boots and raincoat? Too cute!!!! In another life, I think I will ask for her gorgeous hair color and beautiful curls. I was most impressed with her darling grandmother who partook in our little session. The day was a part of her birthday celebration! I was so touched by the idea and glad that we were able to catch a few sweet moments of that relationship. Note here: {S} you are one of the greatest moms I know. Your mother must adore you! Thanks for letting me capture a memory for you.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

{Easter Photo Sessions}

I'm back from a very long and interesting week of jury duty! First time I've ever served. Quite the interesting process but I'm glad it's over. It literally put my life on hold. The laundry, dishes, chores and grocery shopping came to a stand still. My little ol business took a back seat too! I recently sent out an email to my faithful customers about booking {EASTER} photo sessions. Although I'm not offering any specials on my photography, I am offering some savings on a few of my stationery lines. When you book a photo session with me for March or April, I am offering 15% off your order of 30 photocards {set of 3 boxes} from Whitney English or San Lori. I can custom print any Easter greeting from your family on them with the large selection of fonts to choose from. For those who dare to be unique, I always love the challenge of creating a one of a kind card for your family and friends to drool over! I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve so if you are game, so am I.

A quick note about my blogging quest: I mainly look at photography blogs for inspiration but a few months ago, I started coming across these incredible crafty, beautiful blogs by ordinary moms with extraordinary talents. I have posted only a few {the best of the best in my opinion} on my blog. If you have some time, click on the links. I'm sure you will be in awe as I am at what you find. As I come across good ones, I will keep sharing with ya.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


T.G.I.F. It's always a great week for me when I can do what I love to do. Photographed a pregnant friend last week. She has such an amazing story and I can't wait to share those photos on my website/blog soon. I also had the pleasure of a photographing one of the cutest 4 year old girls on the planet! Her blue ice cream dress was so cute and I seriously want a pair of her ladybug rainboots! I also began taking this amazing photography lighting class! Some of you probably already know this, but I am completely self taught when it comes to my photography. I feel like such an ding a ling though when it comes to learning all the technical mumbo jumbo but I feel this class will really pull a lot of things together for me. Still plugging right along with my stationery business. Keep looking for my March/ April specials and {Easter} is coming up soon so stay tuned for what I have in store. Last but not least, I had to say goodbye to my rented 50mm lens {i so loved's definately on my wish list!} but I leave you with some my favorite images.

Happy Friday Everyone!