Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When this family contacted me, they wanted a beach setting for some casual posed and unposed shots. We couldn't have picked a more spectacular evening for this session. We may have been just lucky but we all were in awe of it. It was all we could do but stop and just take it all in as it changed every few minutes due to the cloud coverage. If that wasn't timing, we were also treated to watching dolphins swim in the surf. I mean, how cool is that? It's moments like these that makes me so happy to live here.
P Family, you all were spectacular too! So nice to meet you and hoping we can make this an event every year for your family :) Enjoy your sneak!
MANY MORE to come in your gallery. I can't wait for you to see the rest!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

{Jackson & Family}

This new family joined me tonight to get some holiday shots with their sweet pooch, Mr. Jackson. Newly married, these folks wanted to capture some casual shots for Christmas cards this year and ones that show how happy they are as a blended family. Mr. Jackson was all to happy to make his appearance with a few scooby snacks as bribes as well as a few kisses here and there. I am tickled how they all turned out and refrained from posting more as I want to surprise them with their gallery pictures.
For now...here is just a tease.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

[The C Family}

Love this little family so much. Mom and Dad have been friends of ours for many years. One of the many faces we miss from our home town. When my friend contacted me to do some more candid style portraits of them while we were in town for Thanksgiving, I was all too thrilled to do so. The visit left me longing for more time with them and we all are looking forward to our time in the snow this winter. Thanks C Family for the fun and the wonderful glass of wine afterwards. I wish every session would end like this one. Enjoy your sneak peek!
Miss S, thank you for the beautiful coffee cup. I am having tea in it right now and it is so lovely. You are a total sweetheart my dear God child.
I love you mucho!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{Thanksgiving & Other Gift Giving}

Looking forward to Turkey Day with family and friends this year.
I will be away from the keyboard for a few days. New posts and lots' of great family sessions coming up on the blog so stay tuned for that.
Though I am booked for family sessions until 2011, I do offer great gift certificates that are custom printed. A sure way to please your loved one to have one of these tucked into their stockings.
Please contact me for details and pricing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

{Curls & Tears}

Curls and Tears. That's what we ended up with today. Oh we did get the smiles but I must say, the crying from Miss S was pretty funny after it was all said and done. She did the same thing at her 10 month appointment as mom reminded me. Mom agreed that it was capturing who they are. What a great attitude to have. Sometimes we get so hung up on the perfect smiles and grins, that we forget, life isn't all that rosy when you are 2 and everything is just NOT going your way! Mr. M with his gorgeous curls and grins was happy to have fun and play and be free. That is who he is too, according to mom. I think we accomplished what we set out to do and that always makes for a happy day for everyone.
M & S & Family, enjoy your sneak peek!
Hope to see you soon for your 2 year appointment.
Please bring your curls and tears and we'll have some cake to celebrate!

Friday, November 12, 2010

{Sweet Brothers}

Had the best time today being silly with these two sweet brothers. They were absolutely charming and made my job so easy. I could do a million of these kinds of sessions and never bore of them. It's what I love to do and am so blessed to have the trust of great clients. I think I speak for all my clients on this.... if your child likes your photographer, taking pictures can be a fun event for you and them! Taking pictures should never be a chore but I know all to well how hard it is to get little ones dressed and ready to go anywhere let alone drag them to some strange studio at a department store where you have exactly 10 minutes to get that perfect shot for Christmas or milestones...NOT! Been there...done that...NO FUN..and not very realistic. Custom photography sessions are the way to go with little ones. Whether I photograph your child at your home or at my home studio, I have a plan for each session and it usually is based around what each client wants out of our time together. Our time is never rushed but I know when to stop, when to play and when to take a snack break inbetween my photos. That all comes from knowing children. Long before having 3 of my own, I was a preschool teacher and a 1st grade teacher. All of that experience helps me be a better photographer. I want my clients to have beautiful images and memories of their children as they grow. Beautiful images like the ones below. Enjoy your Peek Peek, S Family.