Wednesday, April 29, 2009

{ smile :) }

I got a phone call from my mom this morning about my Grandma's passing. I started blogging about how sad I was and spent most of the day feeling sad and weepy and reflective. Then, something happened this afternoon that reminded me that this is not what my Grandma wanted me to do. Her last words to me in person was to NOT be sad. I got a phone call in all my funk to do a newborn session. It was an out of the blue, total random referral, that tickled me. It reminded me of the way my Grandma saw things. She always seemed to laugh at life and she had a laugh that would make you smile and it could even make you laugh at yourself and make you want to pee your pants! So, I started thinking about what makes me smile these days. Kids make me smile. These kiddos pics make me smile and every time I capture a moment or expression that is true to who people are...that makes me smile even more. This ones for you Grandma! Luv, Tona

Monday, April 27, 2009

{Van Man}

There is no question that I have a thing with baby shoes and feet but I'm a sucker for lil Vans and for this lil man! I love how his mom dresses him. I think I love his hair even more. I just wanted to twirl all those curls around my fingers! I'm chuckling right now cause, toddlers have to be one of the hardest ages to photograph. It always amazes me that I walk away with any focused pictures at all. He had me on the move. Must be those super fast Vans he was sporting!

I will be posting a few more images from a {Mommy and Me Mini Session} later this week. The kids were just darling and full of personalty. I can't wait to share. Also, I'll be sharing more about what the Month of May will bring for my photography business. I've been working on some package deals for my baby photography and an Ala Carte Menu with busy families in mind. Should be putting in a stamp order soon for my loyal stationery fans.

That's all for now folks. Have a good week!


Friday, April 24, 2009

{The Kid in Me}

You know that feeling you get, just before you open up a special gift from someone? Or perhaps it's the UPS packages you are waiting for or maybe it's getting some beautiful flowers delivered from someone. You know, that great ball of excitment and childish glee that you used to get as a kid on Christmas Day? Well, that's the feeling I get after EVERY photo shoot. It's the kid in me I guess. I can't wait to open up the pictures and see what I got. Every time it's something different and everytime there is always a few pictures that were unexpected. Today, I photographed this lil one who just captured me with her brown eyes. We spent a great deal of time trying to get her to look into the camera but some how, the most beautiful pictures were the ones where she was just being the toddler that she is... sweet, pensive, expressive, playful and inquisitive. It's those memories that I cherish most from when my boys were little. Those are the pictures I strive to capture and those are what I hope comes over to my clients as well.

Happy Friday Everyone!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

{Happy Earth Day!}

Spent the afternoon with my youngest, Tobin, planting a pretty Magnolia tree in front of his school. They also picked up trash and planted a sunflower in a recycled can. How cool is that! Inspires me to think more about protecting and being a better caretaker of this earth. So glad my lil guy had the opportunity to learn about this and also earn a badge at the same time. Time to think green everyone. Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomorrow I get to witness the first communion of this little doll. Not only was she a pleasure to photograph, she was just absolutely beautiful in her special dress. Her warm walnut eyes are gonna knock someone's socks off some day for sure! I'm sharing 3 of my favorite shots of our time together. Best of luck sweetie and may God bless you tomorrow on this very sacred occasion and all the days that follow!


Mrs. Riggs

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{Dimple Guy}

Couldn't resist posting this sweet dimpled guy! He has the cutest darn dimples and the most irresistible deep chuckle. His mom and I laughed at the work out we gave her and him for this session. He so patiently watched as we kept thinking of different things that would hold his attention and make him smile and laugh. I think we came away with some winners!

Only 4 more spots for the {Mommy and Me Mini Sessions} I emailed all my clients today and received a number of responses. Still waiting to hear from 2-3 of you so let me know a.s.a.p. I'm also booking after May 10th for my regular sessions if any of you are interested in doing that, just drop me an email

If you live in the Santa Cruz, CA area and would like to be on my email list for future specials, please drop me a line and I will happily add you!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{Pretty Pink Bundle}

Just a peek of this lil angel. Last week I photographed this precious and pink bundle. I had my home as hot as a sauna to get her to snuggle and pose but the results were worth the sweat! I can't stop staring at her coloring either. She is just so beautiful!

{Mommy and Me Mini Sessions} are here! Just in time for Mother's Day. I have openings for 6 mini sessions. 3 studio sessions and 3 location sessions at Hidden Beach Park in Rio Del Mar. The studio sessions are $35 and the location sessions will be $60 but the both will include the following:

*30 minute sessions

* group photos only no individual shots

*a semi-edited CD with aprox 25 color images and printing rights

*choice of (2) 5 x 7's or (8) wallets (one image only)

These sessions are designed to capture a memorable photo with you and your children. I will take some with all of them and you and each one individually with you. No individual photos will be taken.

Studio sessions will be indoor and have a choice of white or black backdrop.

Park location sessions will be in full shade on grass setting or with possiblility of using playground equipment,park bench etc. as props or background. Morning and afternoon times available.

This is a once a year event you don't want to miss! Sessions will be booked From April 18th-May 7th. Contact me to reserve your spot today at

Thursday, April 2, 2009

{Baby Gap Poster Child}

I'm not kidding! This baby could be Baby Gap's next model! At least that's what his mom and I think. But I'm biased cause I kind of get all dreamy when I stare into this lil man's eyes. They are to die for blue! I'm also great friends with his beautiful and well put together mother! The gene pool is definately there with this kid. Anyways, wrapping up this week and last with 5 spring sessions. Two more next week. Whew! More photo peeks of yet another newborn to come plus a few kid and baby portraits to share that I think are way cute! I'm takin a little break April 10-17. We are going to the Magic Kingdom! Hurray! Be looking for my {Mommy and Me Mini Sessions} coming April 11th-May 8th. They are gonna be easy on the budget and include some extras, just in time for Mother's Day! So stay tuned. Chow for now!