Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Papafloppa & Company}

On a very warm and beautiful July afternoon, I set out for Capitola to capture some wonderful memories for a dear client and friend of mine. She wanted to capture some pictures of her father and mother with all of their grandchildren. So I came prepared for what may happen for a group that ages span from 9 years old to 10 months. Quite the task but a complete joy for me in so many ways. Before shooting, I had a chance to chat with the oldest grandkids to get some dirt about why they think these grandparents are so great. They shared with me that Papa's nickname was "Papafloppa" for his couch flopping antics and that he likes to hide candy in strange places inside their cute cottage home. The children each told me with delight how fun it was to discover candy in a sock drawer and how they looked forward to discovering a new hiding place with each visit. Grandma was funny because she likes to say cute and colorful phrases ;) and that they all loved her laugh and funny stories. It's easy to see and feel the love they have for their children, grandchildren and anyone else who they welcome into their home. I love everything about them from their hands on grandparenting, how they laugh at themselves and to the sweet pet names they call each other. They make me want to be like them when I grow up and I know that is exactly how their children and grandchildren must feel about them too. Thank you for the wonderful afternoon M & M! I just adore you both! Enjoy the sneak peek and more to come real soon I promise! Keep living, loving and laughing!

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